December is national seasonal affective disorder awareness month

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a condition in which some people experience a significant mood change when the seasons change. SAD is not considered a separate disorder but is a type of depression. Be sure to talk to your health care provider or mental health specialist if you are concerned and think you may be living with SAD.

The Wood County Suicide Prevention Coalition is a community of citizens from diverse backgrounds who are united in our resolve to save lives.

We pursue coordinated strategies to educate and increase awareness that suicide is a public health problem, not a private shame.

Our Coalition is committed to increased public understanding of depression, mental illness, and alcohol and drug abuse as treatable health conditions, not as signs of personal weakness. We are enemies of fear, ignorance, and stigma, all of which prevent people from seeking and finding help in times of great personal distress.


Coalition Goals

  • Raise awareness of the problems of depression and suicide
  • Convey that suicide is largely preventable and depression is treatable
  • Decrease stigma as a barrier to seeking treatment
  • Encourage treatment for depression and suicide risk

24/7 Crisis Services

  • Wood County Crisis Line                                                                          (419) 502-HOPE (4673) 

  • Children’s Resource Center (under 18 years  old)                                 1 (888) 466-5437 or (419) 352-7588

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                                                          988 

  • Crisis Text Line                                                                                                  Text "4HOPE" to 741741